Voz Technologies


Voz Technologies started as an automated web scraping and affiliate advertising system that was built 100% from scratch by me.

Launching with a simple virtual server, the systems later moved through multiple dedicated servers and finally to AWS as the need for additional resources intensified.

The system used a series of paid private proxies to scrape classified ad websites and other data sources. Voz Technologies could auto detect when a proxy had been banned or was no longer working and would auto reallocate new IPs via the sharedproxies api. This allowed web scraping from of classified ads in the event IPs were flagged. The mined data was automatically reorganized and manipulated, to create millions of pages of original content that target Google's search results through many SEO tricks.

This automated affiliate ad system created $30k-$40k of residual revenue monthly for over 10 years with an overhead of only $1200. Voz Technologies has also become a catch all LLC for ventures I have been involved in from IT contracts, personal ventures, angle investing, and crypto currency projects.