MatchEngine is the cryptocurrency platform for Coinlock llc which allows speculators to limit their risk by matching them up with other risk takers.

The CEO Alan Friedland brought me in to help build the infrastructure of the platform and recomemnd best practices on development and security. Later, I presented (Formerly known as Coinlock) at the Tech Crunch 2018 Innovation Conference in San Francisco with the promise of a comming launch. In March 2019 we obtained investor funding which will make the launch of this a brand-new trading system the world had never seen before a reality.

Most of my time working on matchengine was spent planning infrastructure, defining user requirements, defining needed features, JavaScript development, and systems administration. There were a lot of late nights programming, conceptualizing the business model, teaching programmers, and solving problems. The best part of this project was watching how the implementation of an API completely changed how teams worked with each other and streamlined each phase of the development life cycle.