CoinLock.comMatchengine Platform


CoinLock provides its users free hedging, interest-free leverage and the ability to send and receive lightning-fast payments without volitility

Starting from it's inception, I created the CoinLock infrastructure and recommended best practices for development infrastructure and security. I presented CoinLock at the Tech Crunch 2018 Innovation Conference in San Francisco with the promise of a comming launch. In March of 2019 we obtained investor funding which allowed me to move to India for a short period of time to bootstrap an office and a fully functional development team integrated with our US based teams which I then managed remotley.

Most of my time working on CoinLock was spent planning infrastructure, architecting solutions for new features, integration with 3rd parties, B2B goals and technical relationships, identifying features, budgeting, JavaScript and php development, systems administration, team building and management. There were a lot of late nights programming, conceptualizing the business model, teaching programmers, and solving problems. The best part of this project was watching how a little organization and technology changed how teams worked with each other and streamlined each phase of the development life cycle.