I was tasked with finding statistical data on the downside of Bitcoin while in a 3x leverage trade in order to assess risk and when liquidations should be performed. In order to find these stats I created CryptoDumps.RIP which loads historical BTC High and Low USD price for each day going back to 2013. It compares BTC on day n to x days later and if the difference is more than p% it is shown along with the stats for that time period.

I will admit there is a logical error in the way I am finding this data. If I were to choose 7 days with a 35% dump it may not find it between Jan 1 and Jan 7 when those two dates are compared however, if on Jan 4th the price dropped 40% and came back up 40% all within one day we would never know with CryptoDumps.RIP because it only compares Jan1 to Jan7; nothing between. This should be corrected to look for dumps withing 1-7 days, not just the start and end of a 7 day period.

Recognizing these shortcomings, I disabled new crypto price data from being saved CryptoDumps.RIP. In addition, the API was updated to a new version and the code to consume it eventually broke. If there is everv renewed interest I may update it in the future. Check out here.