Gorilla Tech LLC

  • www.gorillatech.app (now defunct)


Gorilla Tech was a project I was involved in which was created to find patterns in the movement of bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Each of the algorithms created had the same basic concept: trade multiple times per day, compound earnings, take profits at different intervals and leverage high or low.

Many of the patterns found would only work for a month or two before breaking down. However, I believe many of these patterns could be applied to different forex markets and to different crypto currencies with different outcomes.

Given the current state of crypto currency regulations (tax laws, FBAR, FATCA), a major bear market, and massive manipulation (at the time of this writing, Feb 2019) these algorithms have become harder and harder to put into action and to make them profitable. One can only hope for the future, there is nothing like being rewarded with a completed algorithm that works and earn money by using it!