I love watching log files fly by as traffic flows. It means you're probably making money! However, sometimes I just want to see where people are visiting from. I don't want to enable hostname lookups on the server logs, that just uses unnecessary resources. I have created many things that are really small and don't need the analytical footprint of full on stats. Google analytics takes forever to update plus you have to give them your data. I also don't always want to have another external JS resource to load.

LastIP is my soulution. It is a simple php script that uses the maxmind DB to geotarget the IP address of the visitor. It stores the web browser, OS, location, and date of their first visit into a json file. I have it set to the last 100 visitors but it should work fine up until about 1000 visitors. Dealing with json data larger than that starts to take a few seconds to load depending on system resources. If you have a high traffic site I would keep it under 500.

If you have Maxmind you are already to go. If not I highly recomend it as you can geotarget visitors and show them content on your site based on where they are. Check out the demo here, or fork it on GitHub